Alex Callery - PDI

I got in touch with Becky through social media after I saw that she had helped out numerous PDIs that were in a similar situation as me. 
Becky was giving her time to answer PDIs questions and sharing her knowledge and experience with them. 
I contacted Becky to ask if she would allow me to observe a few of her lessons, and she was more than willing to make that happen. 
The lessons were very helpful for me as a PDI, and Becky spent time afterwards to chat and answer any questions I had. 
She also kindly sent me some literature to help with my learning.
Since then, I have kept in contact with Becky as I have progressed along my journey to becoming an ADI and got closer to taking my Part 3 test. 
She has always spent time to answer any questions I have had along the way. 
I am now planning some extra in-car training with Becky to enhance my chances of passing my Part 3 test. 

Jay Alam - ADI

I was a few days away from my Part 3 and, the school I was with, my training wasn't up to standards and I was really scared and nervous about it.
I asked a few questions in a Facebook group made for PDIs and ADIs and Becky Seaton commented back to offer help.
She listened to my concerns and what I was worried about, and she explained what was expected of me on a Part 3.
She asked me about my subject for the day and I told her what I was planning, and we quickly realised that I made the wrong choice of subject as I didn't know that it was a very broad subject and anything could have gone wrong.
Becky gave me her expert opinion and helped me with my nerves, she even called me on her day off just to make sure I was okay, and sent me messages on my test day to check up on me.
I was just another stranger who she'd never met, but she went out of her way to help me on my journey.
Becky is a true inspiration to the trade and I'm lucky to have met her on my journey.

Georgina Haines - PDI

Had a fantastic experience learning with Becky; she made me feel so calm and comfortable, and it was like all my anxieties had gone away. 
You will not find anybody as passionate in the industry as her!! :)

Waqar Hussain - ADI

Hi, I'm a new ADI. I met Becky Seaton on a Facebook group and I was surprised to see how helpful she was as it's not easy at all to find time for otherw being a driving instructor. 
But Becky is so kind and helpful to everyone. And she has very good knowledge.
Thanks Becky for being so helpful.  

Chris Noble - PDI

I'd like to give a massive thanks to Becky Seaton for her time today, on taking me on some Part 2 training!

It focused not only on 'how to pass the test', but more importantly how it interlinks with both Parts 1 & 3, and ultimately how to become a better instructor. 

After driving for 35 years I'd picked up some habits that were the norm to me; but with her guidance, we established a safer more relaxed drive. 

As for making sure you never get your lefts and rights mixed up! Well, what can I say! Just a little 'tapping' can sort the problem. (I believe it could be down to some kind of witchcraft), but trust me it works!

Lynsey Boyce-Baxter - PDI 

I had my Part 2 and Part 3 training with Becky. 
Beckys' expertise and knowledge of training me to pass Part 2 first time, and training me for Part 3, has been invaluable in helping me to understand and apply the training to my lessons. 
Thank you Becky so much for your patience and guidance; I highly recommend you to anyone at the beginning of their journey or in the process of training to become an ADI. 
I could not thank Becky enough. 

Lee Walker - ADI

Becky really helped me think outside the box. She put her own spin on the things I was asking. 
She explains things in such a simple and easy way, even a child could understand it.

Paul Sapsford - PDI

As a new PDI I posted an ad for my services in on a local private Facebook group looking for new pupils. 

Becky, being a member of the group, immediately got in touch with me and we arranged to meet for coffee where I bombarded her with questions; I was rewarded with answers and some great advice. 

Becky is a lovely girl who genuinely wants to help and I am glad to have her in my corner. 
Tell me, what's worrying you the most right now?