Your Instructor Skills


Every day as an instructor, you will come face to face with safety critical incidents, other road users not reacting safely, your learner falling to pieces ...

Do you feel like you've got your basic instructor skills nailed down, ready to rely on when you need them?

On this course, we'll discover what your main 8 instructor skills are, and how using these in your day to day lessons will help your Part 3 or Standards Check!

Course objectives - 
- to have a thorough understanding of your main instructor skills
- to know what your fallbacks are, and to know if you are doing these, you're likely to pass the Part 3 or Standards Check!

This course is 90 minutes and is 1-to-1, delivered via zoom.

You will receive a CPD certificate upon completion of the course.

Once booked and payment has been made, I will be in touch to arrange a date and time for your course.