Competencies 101


For your Part 3 or Standards Check, you will be assessed on 3 levels of competence. Those higher levels of competence are broken down into 17 lower levels of competence. 


What do they mean?

How do they link together?

Which ones in particular do I need to look out for?

How are they marked?

This course is the big one! Designed to give you a deep and thorough insight into the competencies. Helping you develop your knowledge and understanding, so you are able to deliver a client-centred lesson which ticks all the boxes.

Course objectives - 
- to understand the 17 lower competencies in greater detail, without the DVSA jargon
- how they link together, and which ones to look out for!
-How they are marked, and how to score high

This comprehensive, 2 hour, 1-to-1 course is delivered via zoom call.

Once payment has been made, I will be in touch to arrange a time and date for your course.

You will receive a CPD certificate upon completion of the course.